Yosiell Lorenzo New England Connecticut

Yosiell Lorenzo b.1979

As a young child in the New England area, Yosiell was surrounded by the stories of Salem witches, old colonial haunted houses, and authentic Victorian architecture. His work draws inspiration from these early influences, reflecting the darker elements of the human condition and the mysteries of the supernatural world.

Imagine rummaging through the attic of an old Victorian mansion and coming across a worn and aged steamer trunk. The art of Yosiell Lorenzo gives one the feeling of discovering images in that trunk hearkening to a long gone era.

Yosiell Lorenzo currently lives and works out of Oakland, CA.

  • Oct. 2nd - Mockingbird Lane Market

    Alameda, CA • Fraternal order of the Eagles

  • Oct. 9th - Brews & Broomsticks

    Berkeley, CA • Gilman St Brewery

  • Oct. 14th - Peculiar Pop-Up

    Alameda, CA Parklet


For those who have been following my art for sometime know that I used to create the Sicklings, and still do. Signing up to my newsletter is the best way to know when the elusive Sicklings will be available.